About Howl

Oakville’s Howl Studio was built in 2001 with quality and flexibility in mind. After nearly two decades of working in large-format commercial facilities, recording engineer Dave Falco put his dream of owning an industry-quality studio to the test; hiring multi-award winning studio designer Martin Pilchner of Pilchner-Schoustal International to help him see it through. Combining the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of a home studio with the attention to detail and excellence of more expensive large-format facilities, the result is a fantastic and flexible working environment for producers and recording artists looking for a professional but comfortable “at-home” atmosphere in which to work.

Incredible attention was given to technical detail, ensuring fantastic results in any production. From the “room-within-a-room” design (there isn’t a single nail in the place) to multi-layered walls, free floating floors and custom-built absorption and diffusion, Howl is literally made to make music sparkle.

Howl is designed with analog 24 outputs using the renowned Apogee convertors, so running outboard analog gear right in your ProTools 8 session is easy. Coupled with the effective workflow that the ICON control console provides, this means you can finally mix as quickly as your creativity allows in a perfect listening environment. Lastly, we made sure that lots of spare inputs are available for additional outboard gear, allowing for the easy addition of rental or client gear to our already impressive collection which includes pieces from well known companies such as Avalon, Focusrite, Drawmer, Grace, Universal Audio and more.

  • Pilchner-Designed Recording & Listening Environment
  • Experienced Staff
  • Juno, Covenant, Dove Award Recognized Recordings
  • Artist-Friendly Flexibility