Our live rig is very portable and is fully equipped to seamlessly integrate into any front-of-house system for an independent signal feed that we control and record. First the band plugs into our mic splitters which add no noise or coloration. Then the signal goes to the Antelope MP32. These mic preamps are open and transparent with excellent headroom. Adjustments can be made on our computer through the software controls. The audio then passes through our converter and interface, the Antelope Orion 32, which is absolutely clean-sounding and open to give your audio that digital clarity and analog warmth that adds life to any concert recording. This goes into our Pro Tools rig which can record up to 32 channels of audio at full 96kHz fidelity with no interruptions.

After recording we take the files to Howl Studio and mix and master it there with our world-class outboard gear.

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“I love working at HOWL because there is a ton of great gear and the environment is extremely creative. The studio is exceptionally wired for every imaginable routing scenario, making set-up time quick and efficient. Having the option of 4 different monitor systems also helps in achieving a good sonic balance. The ICON makes mixing much easier with everything right at your fingertips. Not to mention the rooms sound great and the whole layout is extremely inviting for artists and bands to work in. “
Mike Noack, Producer / Engineer (FM Static, Thousand Foot Krutch)