At Howl, our talented mix engineers, comfortable vibe, multiple monitoring options, impeccably designed listening environment and flexible routing scheme provide such an intelligent workflow that mixing feels as exciting and creative as it should have all along. If you prefer to work in the box we’ve got tons of great plugins at your disposal, or our 24 analog outputs through world-class Apogee converters allow you to run plenty of outboard analog gear from our impressive gear collection, and right in your ProTools session.

Much of the time, a project has been recorded elsewhere in whole or in part and the tracks are brought to Howl to make sure that it’s nailed in the mix. In today’s music industry this is sometimesa great way to save cash but get good results; provided the tracks are recorded well. We’ve even suggested this ourselves on occassion where appropriate!

For information on mixing rates for your specific project, or to book a studio tour, visit the Contact Us page and get in touch.

“I love working at HOWL because there is a ton of great gear and the environment is extremely creative. The studio is exceptionally wired for every imaginable routing scenario, making set-up time quick and efficient. Having the option of 4 different monitor systems also helps in achieving a good sonic balance. The ICON makes mixing much easier with everything right at your fingertips. Not to mention the rooms sound great and the whole layout is extremely inviting for artists and bands to work in. “
Mike Noack, Producer / Engineer (FM Static, Thousand Foot Krutch)